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  • Fungus Fighting & Plants for Drought

    Fungus Fighting & Plants for Drought

    Our session started with a discussion on fungus problems with Bettina Red Robin and with a number of different fruit trees – especially apples and pears. Various remedies are being tested, and a report back to the group will prove very useful once the results are in. With the prospect of long hot summers, where […]

  • Pre-Budget visit to the Bank Museum

    Pre-Budget visit to the Bank Museum

    A group of Kenton & District u3a members took the train from Preston Road station on Monday 13 March 2023 for a Pre-Budget QUIRKY VISIT to the Bank of England Museum, located within the Bank of England in the City of London. The museum is home to a collection of diverse items relating to the […]

  • Winter Pruning, Seeds and Weeds

    Winter Pruning, Seeds and Weeds

    Members of the Gardening Group met on 22 February 2024 for a monthly winter meeting. On the agenda was Winter Pruning techniques for Roses, Clematis, Dogwoods, Buddleia and Soft Fruit canes. There was a strange weed to be identified which was found to be more common than we realised in the group – in the […]

  • An Exploration of American Politics

    An Exploration of American Politics

    On Tuesday 31 January 2023, we had a return visit by our local expert in American Politics, John Matlin. In addition to his expertise in the subject, he is also a published author with novels in the field of American life. We cannot go into the detail of what John said, as that would be […]

  • Prepare, Plan, Plant

    Prepare, Plan, Plant

    The first meeting of the Gardening Group in 2023 took place on Wednesday 11 January, and involved a talk based on the Prepare, Plan, Plant methodology. In addition there were short talks on Permaculture, Tomato varieties, and problems with fruit trees and their cures. Possibly the most beneficial time for the group was the discussions […]

  • Christmas Party for Gardeners

    Christmas Party for Gardeners

    Members of the Gardening Group assembled on Wednesday 07 December 2022 at the home of one of their members for an informal Christmas Party. There was a variety of dishes with all sorts of tasty options for a starter, a selection of homemade dishes for the main course including some that were spicy and some […]

  • Gardening Group and Winter

    Gardening Group and Winter

    The Gardening Group met on 12 October 2022 to discuss a number of topics relevant to getting the garden ready for winter. No one know exactly what sort of winter it will be, but there has been a good crop of berries so far. Attention turned to the conservation of pots, with some having a […]