Listing the Gardening Jobs for May

Our Gardening Group met on Wednesday 08 May 2024 for another catch-up session on the jobs in the garden that need to be done in May.

There was input from the BBC Gardeners’ World magazine, and from the Gardeners’ World Spring Summer Planner, both listing jobs that can be attended to right now (if only the rain will stop!). We then had a demonstration of the right way to plant up Summer containers, complete with their own irrigation system.

At the previous meeting we had seen a man planting up a wall with recycled materials and growing a crop of Pak Choi. This time we saw an English version of the same idea, but without the same emphasis on recycled materials – coming in at a cost of about £150.

We finished with a video on ways that the explosion in the slug population can be managed without having consequences for the friendly wildlife like this black and white hedgehog.

Our next meeting will be on 12 June 2024 as very few of us will be available on 22 May 2024.

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