Photography Group Starts Developing

Our new Digital Photography group started with its first meeting on Tuesday 06 February 2024.

The session started with descriptions of the equipment that the group members are using, and their experience of photography. Some were very experienced, and others were beginners, but that provides the “u3a advantage” for all to learn from the experience of others. Our group convener, Cyril, described his approach to photography. In particular, he shared his ‘photographer patter’ which ensures he gets pictures of happy subjects enjoying themselves.

Cyril illustrated his ideas with a wide range of photos on his laptop computer. There were close-ups, landscapes and seascapes, and there were also some mistakes which we were able to enjoy. He had also brought along some of his equipment, including a range of cameras (from roll-film to instant film to digital), and there was a 3-D camera made by Fuji which produced realistic 3-D pictures visible on a special screen at the rear. There was also a demonstration of a projector camera that can take pictures and then project them on to a screen.

One topic that was discussed at length was “What do you do with your pictures”. The answers were varied, and everyone got some ideas from this discussion.

The next session for this group will be on Tuesday 05 March 2024 at 2pm.

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