Examining Artificial Intelligence

Our group, working under the title of “Morality Matters” investigated the topic of Artificial Intelligence, something that has been very much in the news over the past few weeks.

Discussions ranged over the problems of defining Artificial Intelligence, and how it differs from research. What the role of Artificial Intelligence could be for society, and how regulation can extract what is good, and protect society from what is bad.

Examples were produced from Computer Applications Software, from Education, from Medicine and from the Law, and our group very quickly got down to the bare bones of the subject. The development of autonomous road vehicles was also examined. The Turing Test got a good airing, as did the various companies involved in the development of Artificial Intelligence. One subject that ignited debate was the process by which intelligence (as opposed to knowledge) is acquired.

This was an interesting and challenging couple of hours dealing with an important and current topic. We eagerly wait for our next meeting on 05 July 2023, and on 02 August 2023, when we are promised an examination of Eastern Philosophies.

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