The March of our Gardening Group

Our Gardening Group met on Wednesday 27 March 2024 for an update on what is happening in our gardens and an update on the tasks that we need to be completing before the end of the month.

We had instruction on how to get our amaryllis bulbs to flower in subsequent years – it is all about building up the food reserves for the new flower, and tricking the plant into miscalculating the time of year. We then had a tutorial on growing Rosemary cuttings, with a video that showed what can go wrong. Then came guidance on what to do and when to separate clumps of seedlings that have popped up together.

Next came a new use for garlic and overripe bananas in the propagation of hydrangea plants from leaf cuttings, and what to grow in the garden in April – including the most delicious garden vegetable, Asparagus. We finished the segment with a weather forecast for the next two weeks in our locality.

After the break, there was time for an update on an Orchard Project being worked on by one of our members, and the promise of a future grafting service for members wanting to preserve treasured fruit species.

We were delighted to see our Group Leader once again at the session. Freda is making a careful but successful recovery from knee surgery and we all wish her well soon. Plans are now being laid for outside visits in April and May, as well as the updates on the tasks and successes the group has worked on in their own gardens.

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