Gardeners Sewing the Seeds of Success

Our Gardening Group met on Wednesday 28 February 2024 for a session on sewing seeds for flowers and vegetables during February and early March in preparation for the coming summer.

We had a Master Class video providing a series of tricks and techniques to get germination started and then successfully care for the seedlings as they develop. That was followed by a selection of the vegetables and flowers that can be planted right now. There was also advice on the technique of Companion Planting, the selection of plants that provide nutrients to their neighbours and also discourage pests and the diseases they carry. We were also able to examine a heat mat for seed trays which had been brought into the session.

An experienced gardener provided a selection of 9 plants which they would never grow again, and this was developed by the members using their own experience. Amongst those most avoided were Bluebells, Lilly of the Valley, Russian vine and Lemon Balm. To improve the taste in our mouths after that we learned the essentials for creating a Blueberry bonanza in our gardens this summer. There was also a series of ideas on how to do better with Sweet Peas.

There was an outline of a proposal that could qualify for a local grant for the development of an orchard, and there was discussion about local gardens that will open to the public this year. The session ended with a long term weather forecast for the locality and a view by video of what can be achieved with a well-designed greenhouse. This showed bananas being grown in Saskatchewan, Canada, above the snow line! If they can do that there, we can all do a little bit better here!

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