Getting the Garden Ready for 2024

Our Gardening Group met on Wednesday 24 January 2024 in the afternoon, and gave some thought to the tasks that they ought to be working on during the month of January.

We had a number of YouTube videos to watch dealing with the best way to keep Poinsettias growing until next Christmas, and how to care for Christmas Cactus plants as well. There was advice on how to treat fungus gnats – a problem widely experienced this year by many of the members – and what jobs can be done in the garden during the current inclement weather we are experiencing.

On a lighter note, we saw how to prepare coffee-type beverages from chicory plants, and from dandelion roots, and watched a taste comparison.

The session finished with an attempt to forecast the date of the last frost in Spring 2024 using the Plant Maps Interactive Website with its colourful maps. The next meeting will be on 28 February 2024.

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