Fungus Fighting & Plants for Drought

Our session started with a discussion on fungus problems with Bettina Red Robin and with a number of different fruit trees – especially apples and pears. Various remedies are being tested, and a report back to the group will prove very useful once the results are in.

With the prospect of long hot summers, where all the rain arrives in just a few hours per month, summers are taxing some of our gardeners. Do you opt for a lot of expensive watering, or do you opt for water collection and conservation, or do you opt for different planting? A wide selection of drought tolerant plants were recommended during the session.

We continued with a report on our over-wintered dried-out pelargoniums, another on a Two-cup Seedling test, and another on the price of seeds compared with plugs and bareroot plants.

Demonstrating how to create a living artwork with plants

We finished with an example of living art (a picture composed of coloured succulents), and free exchange of white indian paintbrush plants, and a hunt for rudbeckia seeds. The prospects for this summer are all the more attractive now!

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