Month: September 2022

  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

    Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

    The Kenton Players performed at the picnic in the park held at the Harrow District Masonic Centre on 01 June 2022 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee before an audience of more than 70 U3A members.

  • How the Lords Work

    How the Lords Work

    The Monthly Meeting on 27 July 2022 featured Lord Sherbourne of Didsbury talking about his career in government, having worked with Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Michael Howard and David Cameron. It was an excellent talk and Stephen provided many insights into how difficult it can be to run a country.

  • Tip Toe through the 60s

    Tip Toe through the 60s

    On Wednesday 24 August our speaker is one of our members, Howard Goldstein, who guided us on a Musical Tiptoe Through the Sixties. There was much to learn about many familiar songs, and Howard took full advantage of the excellent sound system in the auditorium.

  • The House of Life

    The House of Life

    On 28 July 2022, members of Kenton & District U3A made a guided visit to the Willesden Jewish Cemetery and were introduced to the many famous people who are buried there.  As well as the media famous Jack Cohen of Tesco Fame, and Michael Winner of Advert Fame, there were many scientists and financiers.  There…

  • What next at Wembley Park?

    What next at Wembley Park?

    Our next visit will be on Tuesday 20 September when we will be going on a tour of the Wembley Park Estate. Since 2004, Quintain has been working on one of London’s largest development schemes at Wembley Park, transforming the longneglected space around  Wembley Stadium into a new district. Our guide will be Quintain’s Head…