Creative Writers Create Holmes Child

Our Creative Writing Group met on 03 July 2024 for another session where they shared their stories.

The brief for this meeting was a choice of “Escapes”, “A Surprise”, “Baker Street” and “Waterloo”. Interestingly, our writers were able to expand these topics into each other, creating some really interesting ideas.

We had some local limericks – Kenton is not an easy word to rhyme! We then moved into the world of espionage and sudden silences in a noisy pub. That was followed by a visit to Norwich Cathedral leading to an ‘escape’ from a Covid-19 ward in a hospital.

We then moved to Sri Lanka for an escape from a front line conflict between Tamil and Sinhalese soldiers. That was followed by a World War 2 Escape Room experience in a Shopping Centre that did not inspire the escapees to leave their room. We then moved half way round the world to Australia for a street filled with baked goods shops (a Baker Street?) and the effects of a car crash there.

Back home was the story of a strip-cartoonist who is called back from holiday to complete a cliff hanger, proving for some that there is no escape from work. That was followed by a murder mystery set in India, and the dog that had caused the incident. We then moved on to the story of a group of friends trying to agree the music that should be played at a funeral leading to a surprise for all those making the choices.

We closed with an intriguing tale set in the days of Sherlock Holmes. Mrs Hudson has a visit in Baker Street from her son who suspects that Dr Watson may have been his father, until he meets face to face with the Great Detective and has a unique Baker Street surprise!

This group is full of invention and fun, and the next meeting will be on Wednesday 17 July 2024 at 10:00am.

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