Visit to Kenwood House Gets Doubled!

So many members wanted a guided visit to Kenwood House, the former home of several Lords and the home of the Iveagh Bequest (a collection of famous works of art) that two visits had to be organised.

Members had enjoyed an Art History course run by Jennifer which featured many of the artists to be found at Kenwood House, including JMW Turner, which was were our visit began.

We then moved to a room featuring a Rembrandt Self Portrait which includes the two semicircles behind the artist on the wall. Jennifer reminded us of the story of Giotto and his perfect circle as proof of his authenticity to the Pope.

In the same room we enjoyed the Vermeer painting of the Guitar Player and Jennifer provided us with a history of the painting. There were many other ‘masters’ in this room including The Jolly Drinker by lady artist Judith Leyster, currently on loan from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterday, and Jennifer described how and why she signed her paintings with a specially designed character.

We visited the famous library, not so much famous for its collection of books, although that is significant, but for its architecture and its paintings.

There was so much to see, especially the works of Thomas Lawrence (especially Miss Murrary), Joshua Reynolds (Mrs Musters as Hebe). Thomas Gainsborough (Lady Brisco) and many, many more.

This was a first class pair of visits, and we are very grateful for Jennifer’s guidance through Kenwood, and for the knowledge and anecdotes that she imparted during the visit.

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