How Jazz Divided and Developed

Our Jazz Appreciation group were treated to an afternoon that analysed and described how the Traditional Jazz Bands in Great Britain divided, reformed, split and developed in the post-war period. Our guide on the subject, Ken, had a wealth of material and was able to illustrate the changes with a number of recordings.

We were introduced to the bands that pursued the purest forms on New Orleans Jazz, and how with bands splitting, new groups were formed that allowed new ideas to develop. We were treated to a number of filmed interviews with many of the names that were synonymous with the post-war jazz era. There was even an opportunity to see what the famous venues look like today, with only a blue plaque or two to indicate their former glory.

After a short break for refreshments, we resumed with an amazing performance at the Abita Springs Opry, just north of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. There we heard the 6-person Shotgun Jazz Band playing in the traditional style (without a piano) to much acclaim from the audience. Solos were abundant on all the instruments, and the trumpet player also served as the vocalist.

Next month we will be listing to special records from a local resident with an enormous collection. Jewels will be abundant!

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