It is All Change at Creative Writing

On Wednesday 06 December 2023, a group of budding authors and poets met to read some of their works to the group providing both entertainment and food for thought.

The optional theme for the meeting was “All Change” and we heard stories about coping with recent rail strikes, the consequences of winning “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, changing one’s life by travelling to another country, changing one’s environment by travelling in dreams to the moon and changing one’s life after meeting famous pop stars. We then heard about changes from travelling in time and in place to Mexico, about a taxi that ended up in a tree getting a change of view, and changes in an office following a Christmas Party.

The group does offer some gentle suggestions for improvement and these are welcomed although the time available for individual help with content in a group of 18 is bound to be limited. The group will meet again on 20 December 2023 to discuss their “What if?” compositions.

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