Cornucopia of Creativity in Kenton!

On Wednesday 22 November 2023 we had our Creative Activities session featuring short works by our our Creative Authors and artworks by our Watercolour Group.

The art was of a very high standard, and exhibited on one side of our meeting room. As you can see below, we have a group where all levels are welcome, and they are to be congratulated. We also congratulate the group leader Lyn for another outstanding exhibition. You can find out more about our Watercolour Group from here, or you can email the group here.

In addition to the watercolour exhibition, we had no less than sixteen stories and poems read to us, mostly by their authors. You can find more about our Creative Writing Group here, or you can email the group here. There was the usual wide range of items as shown below:

01An Antidote to Fairy Tales
Nursery Rhymes with a touch of reality
HowardShort Story
02And That is the Question
Are there regrets about past decisions – not here!
AnitaShort Story
03Life on the Moon
What does the ruler of the universe think about?
TajShort Story
04Wenvoe 1916
What is the difference between two locations in Summer 1916?
Julia2 Poems
05The Face in the Mirror
This mirror can display the deceased partner’s thoughts
JohnShort Story
06The Open Window
A tramp finds an open windows and changes a life
PennyShort Story
07The Tragedy
Seeking solace from a brown-eyed china cow on a mantelpiece
SusanShort Story
08The Pendulum Swings
James Bond finds revenge against a foe under a famous clock tower
GeoffShort Story
09The Busker of Bangkok
There is hope for a blind girl begging in Bangkok amid hustle and bustle
10My Opposite
The joy of a young girl getting to see her pop idol perform
PamShort Story
11Hurry up please!
Finding joy in the demise of a politician with a sweepstake
RobertShort Story
12A Curious Invention
Taking the latest sports watch to a new and unexpected level
RitaShort Story
13I was stuck
What range anxiety can do to romantic endeavour in Ireland
Bus travels in Pakistan teach some cultural differences
MarianShort Story
15The Bed Bug’s Riposte
See the world from the Parisian bed bug’s point of view
Imagine several Christmas a year and the work that would create
VivShort Story

Our thanks go to all those who bravely stood up and entertained us with their excellent works.

It was then time for tea, coffee and a cake sale – both in portions and as whole cakes – raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, a really worthwhile charity, which – in a manner of speaking – placed a cherry on the morning for us all!

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