British Optical Assoc. Museum Visit

Kenton and District U3A made a visit to the British Optical Association Museum 15th November 2022.
Originally arranged in February 2020 for a visit later in the year, our arrangements were disrupted by a certain virus.
The museum has used the closed period to refurbish the building and update the displays, with more exhibits still to be unpacked.
20 members of the Healthy Living Group from Ku3a were made most welcome by Neil Handley the Curator and guide for our visit. Neil was a very amusing, informative and knowledgeable guide.
We visited the library, the print room where the walls are covered with prints and cartoons all related to wearing spectacles, our guide explained in detail the significance of a number of the prints.
The museum has many fine paintings including a magnificent picture of Saint Lucia, who is the patron saint of the blind. All the prints, paintings and even a collection of Toby jugs wear spectacles.
Our visit concluded in the Council room, which because of the room shape has a long-curved conference table large enough for all of the group. The table is curved having a convex and concave side, very appropriate for an optical museum.
It may have taken years to arrange but it was worth the wait.

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